Distance & E-Learning Programmes for Government Employees (DELPGE)

Posted by binu P Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DOPT – e-Learning Program For CG Servants


1. Purpose/Objective

The purpose of the Program is to increase the availability and flexibility of options open to employees for enhancing their knowledge and skills in order to improve the functioning of Government organizations and the Delivery of services to the public.


2. Eligibility:

DOPT-E-learning(i) The Programme is open to Central Employees (working in
Ministries/Departments/Attached offices) and the faculty members of State Apex Training Institutions. The officers working under Public Sector Undertakings are not eligible for the Programmes covered under this Programme.

(ii) The specific conditions of eligibility of employees (including level of employee and Ministries covered) for each module/course will be decided for each course/module and notified from time to time by DoPT.


3. Types of Courses Offered under the Programme

The following category of courses are open for enrolment under this programme:-

(i) Short-Duration Specialised modules:-
The specialised Modules are basically oriented to cater to the requirement of Government employees in a specific domain.
(ii) Certificate Programmes:
(iii) Masters, PG and PG Diploma Programmes.

4. Notification of Courses/Programmes:-

The menu of courses/programmes on offer shall be reviewed annually by the Committee headed by the Joint Secretary, Training, Department of Personnel and Training with the members drawn from different Ministries. Besides recommending the programmes to be offered under this Programme, the Committee shall also make recommendations on the eligibility of the employees of different Ministries for the select courses.


5. Course review committee for upgrading the course material:-

(i) For certain Ministry specific courses, respective Nodal Ministry will be represented in the Course review Committee of IGNOU. The committee may also co-opt the following:-

(a) Representative of the nodal Ministry
(c) Director in charge distance learning in DoPT
The Course Review Committee may meet from time to time to review the course content based on the general feedback and make such recommendations as deemed necessary.


6. Admission Procedure

(i) The employees concerned have to apply directly in response to the admission notification of IGNOU subject to availability of funds.

(ii)The number of seats for Employees in each programme shall be limited to 50 and
these will be offered on a first come first served basis.

7. Payment and Reimbursement of Fees

(i) The employees enrolling for the courses under this Programme will pay the required course fees to IGNOU. The amount so paid shall be re-imbursed to the employee on his/her successful completion of the course by IGNOU.

(ii) Employees failing to complete the course in the time limits and / or with the minimum qualifying grades prescribed by IGNOU shall not be eligible for any reimbursement.
(iii) Reimbursement for the Masters programme is available to an employee only once in his/her career.
(iv) The participants are eligible to enrol for only one programme at a time under this Programme.
(v) An officer is eligible to claim reimbursement/refund for successful
completion of maximum of ten (10) numbers of Units in a block of five (5) years.


The equivalent units for each course / programme are listed in the Table below:‐

SL No Category Category/ Type of Course / Program Equivalent Units Maximum Units Permissible in a Block of 5 years
1    A . Certificate/
.Advance  certificate
. PG Certificate
2 Unit 10 Units ( With Different Combinations of A, B, C and D)
2     B . Masters 8 Units       “
3     C . PG Diploma
. Advanced Diploma
. Diploma
4 Units       “
4 C .Select / Specialised Module 1 Unit       “

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15 Responses to Distance & E-Learning Programmes for Government Employees (DELPGE)

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. there are nothing for civil defense personal (DRDO PERSONAL) or Min. of Defence.

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Sir,
    Sub:Responses to Distance & E-Learning Programmes for Government Employees (DELPGE)

    I was group'C' employees in Central Excise & Customs. I have retired on 31st January 2010 on superannuation. Can I eligible for above course as I am willing to attend the course. Please advice.


    Yours faithfully

    Sudarsan Pradhan

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. Hi!

    It is a nice moove on the part of the Government. The CG must encourage UT governments to participate in these programme to dessimate the learning in a rapidly changed scenario.


  7. sunil Says:
  8. sir
    I am in the defense force as a junior warrant officer. Can i apply for the MBA . If so please guide me .

  9. Garry Says:
  10. i m in punjab police .
    can i go for MCA in IGNOU.

    plzzzzzzzzzz reply 9878820172

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. Sir,

    I am serving in central govt. deptt. DMI, M/o Agril.Sub-office, Nashik Road(Mah)as Steno.II my age running 55 years.In this sub-office, on line work under APEDA, Ministry to export grapes from various surrounding farmers/exporters under AGMARK(this office)under e lerning programme,Can I eligible for above course as I am willing to attend the course. Please advice. my office email address is dmimh05@nic.in-D.C.Vyavhare,0253-2465437

  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. sir,
    I am serving in Paramilitary SSB,I finished my BA in English,I want to do MCA or their is any other course for achievements in life.plse waiting for advise my email address is lamasub@yahoo.com Contact No 9479158052

  15. jayprakash Says:
  16. Sir, i am engineering graduate in computer sc.&engg. from NIT,JSR and working in telecom PSU. I want to know information regarding LAW.may i do LLB by correspondence / distance programme from any institute/university .Please advice me regarding this.
    thanking you.

  17. Anonymous Says:
  18. sir ,
    i am in BSF and eligible for the scheme.now i want a clarification about a course offered through this scheme namely.....PGDIM & PGDHRM. can i be enrolled for this program directly without any entrance exam.

  19. Anonymous Says:
  20. sir,
    I was working as lab technician in RRIUM,Aligarh(Central Council for research in unani medicines,Deptt of AYUSH),MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE.NEW-DELHI in the grade pay 2800 and my Basic pay on jan-2011 was Rs-12,610.00. In the month of February-2011,I appointed in the AMU as Senior technical assistant(STA)in the Pay Band-9300-34800.00(Grade pay-4200.00).I want to know in the month of February 2011 how my pay will be fixed.
    Please advice me,
    thanking you,

  21. Anonymous Says:
  22. Sir I am In IAF as a SNCO am i also elligble for MBA.PLs guide me with details
    Thanking you
    R Goswami

  23. Anonymous Says:
  24. Sir,
    I am working as SPM in Dept of Posts.I have BSc in Maths. Can I apply for MA in Psychology of IGNOU under the scheme.Pl let me know the details

  25. Anonymous Says:
  26. Repected sir,
    I availed Leave Travel Concession to go to any place in India i.g. Kolhapur with my family. Since the railway tickets and state transport tickets to and fro were not available, I and my family travelled by private bus. Whether I am eligible for LTC claim or not. Please give me the reference.
    kindly reply at my e-mail,pritsmeet@gmail.com

  27. Anonymous Says:
  28. आदरनीय ,
    मै के औ सु बल में ९३ साल मै भर्ती हुआ था | ५ वे वेतन आयोग के मुताबिक मुझे ए सी पी २००५ में लगनी थी | लेकिन प्रशासन ने नहीं लगायी | प्रशासन का कहना है कि आप के दी पी सी में पूरा मार्क्स नहीं हो रहा हे |
    महोदय से मेरी विनंती है कि ए सी पी के लिए क्या शर्त हे मुझे विस्तार से बताने की कृपा करे आप की अति कृपा होगी |


    इल्यास पटेल

  29. Anonymous Says:
  30. sir ,
    i am SI/EXE in CISF (9300-34800)+GP 4200 i have NOC from CISF for Sr.teacher through RPSC (9300-34800)+GP 4200
    i am eligible for technical resignation without pay any cost???



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