New pension scheme for public from indiapost

Posted by binu P Sunday, June 6, 2010

The department of posts  has launched a new pension scheme for the public, specially service holders, who are able to deposit a minimum of Rs 500 per month, up to the age of 55 years.

According to the project officer of the postmaster general office, Saryug Prasad, the amount deposited by the beneficiaries would be invested in different unit-linked pension funds of the SBI, LIC, UTI and the quantum of pension would be fixed as per the amount earned from those deposited funds. He hoped the rate of pension amount would be higher than the present one.

He said the postal pension scheme has a two-tier provision. In the first tier, one can deposit a minimum of Rs 6,000 in a year in at least four instalments or Rs 500 per month. There would be no limit to subscriptions in any tier. The deposited amount would not be withdrawn prematuredly under the first-tier system.

But, under the two-tier system, a minimum of Rs 1,000 would have to be deposited and it would have the facility of premature withdrawals. It will work as a savings bank besides offering the benefit of pension.

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6 Responses to New pension scheme for public from indiapost

  1. RO Says:
  2. Our Department has no much efficiancy to capture market. Because the following are the reasons for this.
    1) Technology is not implimented properly. No Person is responsible for technology and no person is recruited for this.
    2) Dividing of Operative and administrative wings. The person in administrative has no knowledge on operative risks.They simply instructing to the lower offices.
    3) The person who has proficiancy in operative side only able to take practical decisions.Lets take MO videsh. One person book

  3. PERUMAL Says:
  4. Dear Sir.

    how much one can get as pension if he chooses a minimum deposit of Rs.500.00 a month

  5. Mohanram Says:
  6. how much one can get as pension if he chooses a minimum deposit of Rs.1000.00 a month

  7. Mukul Says:
  8. We cannot say a fixed amount from NPS. The amount is deposited in mutual funds , equities etc. So depending upon the market value the final amount will vary.

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. No any detail information is available regarding new pension scheme introduced by department of posts. How much pension did one can get after his retirement age is not given. please update details.

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. last date for permission to avail concersion home town ltc to visit j&k


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