Leave Travel Concession - LTC rules : reference

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Any employee with one year of continous services on the date of Journey performed by him/his family is eligible. For eg an official appointed on 31-12-2008 will be eligible for the two year block 2008-09, but those appointed on or afer 01-01-2009 will not be eligible for that block.
Government servants whose spouses are working in indian railways, National Airlines are not eligible for LTC and if an official is under suspension, his family members only can avail LTC.

When both the husband and wife are central government servants then:

1. They can claim LTC for their respective families. eg: while the husband can claim for his parents/minor brothers/sisters, the wife can avail for her parents/ miner brothere/sisters.
2. The husband / wife who avails LTC as a meber of the family of the spouse, cannot claim independently for self.
3. They can declare separate Home towns indepently.

Salient Points regarding LTC
1. Concession can be availed of for self and family members separtely on different occasions, even in different calendar years of the same block.
2. Family can travel in one or more groups; but each group should complete its return jouney with in six months from the date of its outward journey.
3. Cirular tour tickets can be availed of in conjunction with the concession.
4. Can be availed of during any leave including study leave, casual leae and special casual leave.
5. It can be combined with transfer/tour.
6. Cannot availed of during closed holidays only without taking the leave.

LTC in the case of Fresh recruits.

Entitlements for LTC
1. Journey by Air/Rail/Steamer:
Entitled officers and their family members can travel by any air india only.
Details of travel by air india in the case of LTC for central government employees.
2. Journey by Road:
Entitles will be the same as for tour / transfer. Reimbursement admissible only in respect of journeys performed in vehicles operated by the government of any corporation in the public sector run by the central or state government or a local body.
Whn journy is performed by a longer route (not the cheapest route) in tow different classes of rail accomadation , the entitled class rate will be admissile for the curresponding proportion of the shortes/cheapest route and the lower class rate for the remaining mileage by such route. Where journey is performed by a longer route respect of journey performed by rail and for the remaining shortest distance, as per entitlement by rail or the actual fare paid for the journey by road, whichever is less.

Reimbursement in the case of LTC:
Fares for journeys between duty station and Home town, both ways will be reimbursed by the government in full. If the employee and family reside away from the duty station, fares for journeys between place of residence and home town, both ways, restricted to that from duty station to reimbursable.

LTC Advance:
Upto 90% fares can be taken. Advance admissible for both outward and return journey if the leave taken by the official or the anticipated absence of members of family does not exceed 90 days. Otherwise, advance may be drawn for the outward journey only.
The official should furnish Railway ticket numbers, PNR No, etc to the competent authority within ten days of the drawal of the advance.
When advance is taken claim should be submitted within three months from the date of return journey. If not outstanding amount will be recovered in one lumpsum and claim will be treated as one where the advane is sanctioned. When the claim is submitted within stipulated time but unutilezed portion of advance not refunded, interest is chargeable on that amount from the date of drawal to the date of recovery.
When no adavance is taken, claim should be submitted within six months from the completition of return journey. Othewise the claim will be forfited.

LTC to Home Town:
Ltc to home town is admissible to all employees irrespecitve of distance involved. Home town once declared is treated as final. In exceptional circumstances the Head of the Department may authorize a change, only once during entire service.

Enchashment of Earned Leave (EL) during LTC:
It will be admissible subject to the following conditions:-
a. It is limited to 10 days of earned leave on one occasion without linkage to the number of days and nature of leave availed and 60 days in the entire career.
b: Will not be deducted while computing the maximum admissible for encashment at the time of quitting service.
c: The balance at credit should not be less that 30 days after deducting the total of leave, if any availed plus leave for which encashment was availed.
d: Where both husband and wife are government servants, enchashment of leave will continue to be available to both subjecdt to maximum limit of 60 days to each of them.

Misuse of LTC
Disciplinary action will be taken and during its pendency. The disputed claim will be withheld and further LTC facility will not be allowed.
When disciplinary proceedings are over and if found not guilty, then the withheld claim will be admitted and any LTC facility not be allowed additional set in the future blocks of years irrespecitve of the provisions relating to lapsing of unavailed LTC. Such additional sets also should be availed before the date of superannuation.
If found guilty then the withheld claim will be disallowed , the next two sets one to home town and one to any place to India will be forfeited and in the case of grave misuse, the competent authority may disallow even more than two sets.

Details of LTc to North Easter Region
LTC rules and application Forms

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96 Responses to Leave Travel Concession - LTC rules : reference

  1. priti Says:
  2. My Husband is employed in Doordarshan Kendra Chennai and is eligible for travel by Air. We travelled from Chennai upto Dehradun by Indian Airlines. From Dehradun to Dalhousi we travelled by a taxi as there was only one govt. bus going there and it was over crowded. We had availed LTC from Chennai to Dalhousi. When the bills were submitted the dealing clerk said that since we had travelled from Dehradun to Dalhousi by taxi he would not reimburse the whole of LTC amount including the airfare. This rule is beyond my comprehension. When only a part of the journey is made by taxi how can the whole amount be forfeited? could anyone apprise me on this. Priti Venkatesan

  3. sunil Says:
  4. The Dealing Clerk is wrong... the rule of LTC says the amount will be reimbursed on the basis of "farthest desitination and cheapest fare and shortest route. he is bound to reimburse the minimum fare of air travel and normal bus fare as per the entitlement..

  5. ajay Says:
  6. Ajay Bhasin,
    Intelligence Officer,
    DRI, New Delhi.

    I am availing LTC to Port Blair.Whether, I am eligible for full fare of Air Ticket for my childrens (aged between 3-9).
    Chennai - Port Blair - Chennai
    My Grade pay is Rs.4600/- and entitled class for travel by Ship is Ist Class/A Cabin whose fare is Rs.6320/- for adult and half fare is charged for childrens between 3-9 years of age. I am getting Airline ticket for Rs.5550/-.

    As per DOP&T O.M.No.31011/2/2006-Estt.(A) dated 03.12.2007 reply to point No.3 refers.

    Point - If a Govt. employee/his family member is entitled to concession train fare such as Senior citizen, student concession, children etc., whether in case of air travel, the reimbursment would eb restricted to such concession fare by train in entitled class.
    Clarification - If full air fare has been charged by the airline and paid by the Government servant the reimbursment would be restricted to the full train fare in entitled class including

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. HI sunil
    will you let us know the specific rule position for the "farthest destination, cheapest fare & shortest route' thing. I need it urgently

  9. nift Says:
  10. Will i get full fare reimbursement, if I will travel in Duranto Express from Howrah to Mumbai.

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. can i avail LTC on sunday only . I have already taken outsatation permission from my office.

  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. I went for home town LTC to Dehradun by taking my own car shall I get the bus fare formyself and my family member. please also quota the ccs rule. still I have not applied so far.

  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. I have already taken outsatation permission from my office for availing LTC on closed holiday i.e. sunday and same day I return to my station and joint duty on monday. Now after availing LTC I submit my train ticket for reimbursemnt the same . The reimbursemtn I have received after six months objection has been taken by audit department this is illeagle please refund all amounts which he paid. please let me know I entitle for LTC reimbursement and 10 days encashment of Leave on saunday. Please note after verbal permission I have taking station leave permission in writing from my office then I avail LTC.

  17. Anonymous Says:
  18. How much minimum gap betwen two LTC such as one Home Town LTC & One All India LTC, One All LTC and Another blok All India LTC ?

  19. Anonymous Says:
  20. Central Government servants belonging to Kumaon and Garhwal regions are claiming LTC for the journeys performed by Kumaon Motors Owners Union Limited (KMOU Ltd) or Garhwal Motors Owners Union Limited (GMOU Ltd) as Roadways buses are not available there in view of the economical and geographical conditions of the region. These buses are being operated by KMOU Ltd/GMOU Ltd. with the approval of State Government at fixed fare rates.

    Most of the Central Government offices/Ministries/Departments are allowing such claims without any hesitation. However, some offices have certain objections. These organizations disallow the claims without any valid reason or reference to DOPT or U.K. Government. I feel action taken by such offices is not appropriate.

    Please advise and comment.

  21. Anonymous Says:
  22. On LTC I have traveled in air india in ecconomic class {not under LTC 80),whether My ltc claim will be admitteded.

  23. Anonymous Says:
  24. On LTC i have travelled in Air india Unde ecconomic class, whether my LTC claim will be admitteded

  25. Joginder Says:
  26. I m working in Railways and availing free paas facility. my wife working in Delhi Govt. how can she avail LTC nd Leave Encashment facility(in case of spouse is in Railways). pl guide and provide me any circular in connection with above.thanks -joginder Babbar babbar.joginder@gmail.com

  27. mohammad Says:
  28. I joined the service on 23-06-2009 and wish to avail the LTC home town. What will be the block year either 20009-2010 or 2010-2011 or 2009-2013.
    Dr M Shamim

  29. Anonymous Says:
  30. pleae clarify after 2009 new period of four year ltc block will be start from ....to.

  31. manab Says:

  33. Anonymous Says:
  34. I have availed LTC to Vaishnodevi. I have travelled by train from Mumbai to Delhi by my eligible class and from Delhi I have taken a package tour to Vaishno Devi through Southern Travels Pvt. Ltd. In my LTC bill I have claimed fare from Delhi to Jammu and Jammu to Delhi as per my class eligibility. The PAO has disallowed the entire claim from Delhi to Jammu and back and has passed the bill from Mumbai to Delhi and back. I am eligible to claim the amount from Delhi to Jammu or not

  35. Anonymous Says:
  36. My grade pay is 4600/.I had gone on LTC with my family from Muzaffarpur to Srinagar. I went from Muzaffarpur to Patna by hire taxi and Patna to Delhi by Rajdhani express and Delhi to Katra by bus and Katra to Srinagar by hire taxi by package tour which is registered by J & K tourism department and back. When, I submitted the bill the AAO said that package tour will not be paid and in place of that bus fair will be paid . So please clarify my why not package tour will be paid as per my entitlement class.

  37. Anonymous Says:

  39. Anonymous Says:
  40. Earlier I applied for LTC Encashment two blocks, my HR dept issued Encashment Order, but not yet encashed by Salary Dept. Can I cancel and avail the same? mahendra mhatre

  41. Dayal Says:
  42. I want to avail Home Town LTC.. Can my parents start journey from Home town and come to my office place and go back.. while i am doing the reverse

  43. Anonymous Says:
  44. I have availed home town LTC in 2009 for the block year 2009-2010. Now I want to avail LTC to Trivandrum in November 2010 for the block year 2006-2009 extended upto December 2010. It is possible? Please let me know early. Thanks.

  45. PRANAY KUMAR Says:
  46. The LTC Rules for the Fresh Recruits based on the recommendation of the 6th CPC is not clear on the following points: 1. Whether the fresh recruits can avail All India LTC on the first occasion and the three Home Town LTCs on the next three occasions and 2. Whether the fresh recruits can carry forward one of their LTCs to the next year/ next block.

  47. sushil Says:
  48. I have availed LTC in the month of June by a Taxi, the amount was reimbursed to me and later on recovered because the Taxi is not allowed for claiming LTC. the whole amount was recovered. Now i again want to avail LTC for the block year 2006-09 extended period of one year. Can i avail this.

  49. gssekhar Says:
  50. I had visited Yumthang (Sikkim) by availing LTC-80 where I had travelled by taxi from Bagdogra to Gangtok and Yumtang & back, due to non connectivity of rail. While making claim for LTC, I had submitted bills accordingly from tour operators, recognised by Tourism Dept Sikkim, alongwith certificate to this effect. My taxi fare has been deducted and payment has been reduced as RMA. Is this procedure right?

  51. Anonymous Says:
  52. I availed home town ltc in the year 2009 for the first time in the block year 2006-2009.Now i wish to avail all india ltc in the year 2010 for the same block. Is it possible???

  53. I have availed home town LTCs for my home town Lucknow during the calendar years 2006 & 2007 respectively during my posting at Srinagar. I am now posted at Lucknow. Now I want to avail the All India LTC for the block 2006-2009. Is it possible?

  54. ARUN Says:
  55. This LTC 80 scheme has caused severe handicap for availing the LTC specially for those employee who are unable to make plan many months before because of nature of their duties as these tickets become unavailable even 1 month before your proposed date.

    I was planning to visit NE region in the later part of Dec.2010 and I found that no ticket(ltc) is available since mid Nov2010

  56. I joined service on 24-09-2009, and availed LTC on 13-11-2010, what is block year? 2008-09 or 2009-10? reimbrsement will be for 3 children or it is restricted to only 2 children? dr Khan

  57. Ashok Says:
  58. Sir,
    I have traveled by air from Delhi to Bagdogra directly under LTC80 scheme. My entitlement to travel by Air from Kolkata to Bagdogra. my question is, can i reimburse ltc claim Delhi-Kolkata by train and Kolkata to Bagdogra by air and same way returan.
    Thanking you

    Ashok kumar

  59. Anonymous Says:
  60. I have applied for LTC for J & K block year 2006-2009 extended up to december 2010.I have two children 4years and 7 years old.Can i avail the air fair in full in case of my both child.my class as per entitlement is economic.

  61. Anonymous Says:
  62. Can I avail one all india ltc and one home town ltc in a single block of four years?

  63. Anonymous Says:
  64. i wish to avail LTC for the extended block year 2008-2009 on 31.12.2010. My inward journey will be on 02.01.2010. Whether it is permitted?

  65. Anonymous Says:
  66. yes

  67. JANAK Says:
  68. Sir, Some of the employees has traveled through hired taxi from bagdogra to Gungtok & attached a receipt for the registered transport agent whether the claim is allowed for the journey from bagdogra to gungtok and the same journey will be disallowed or the entire claim i.e from i.e from origininate place to place of visit i.e declared for LTC replay may be given email address jahantrivedi@gmail.com

  69. Anonymous Says:
  70. it is noted in the swamys handbook 2011 page No. 149
    LTC to Home town Admissble to all employees irrespectie of the distance involved.

    According to this rule is it possible to avail home town ltc and 10 days EL encashment to all central government employees who are residing away from their work place irrespectie of distance.

  71. Anonymous Says:
  72. is it possible to avail hometown ltc for a person whose declared place of home town is beyond 20 km away from his headquarters office. The person is presently staying in 15 km away from his headquarters office in such cases is he entitled to avail hometown ltc and encash 10 days EL. He has more than 100 EL at his credit. is it possible to clarify
    e mail address cheerangatt@rediffmail.com

  73. Anonymous Says:

  75. Anonymous Says:
  76. it is noted in the swamys handbook 2011 page No. 149
    "LTC to Home town Admissble to all employees irrespective of the distance involved"

    is this rule is superceded by any other order in force ? if not superceded I think all employees can avail LTC HOMETOME and encash 10 days EL

  77. Anonymous Says:
  78. 1. what is the definition and area covered in km
    " same station"

    2. what is the definition and area covered in km
    "headqarters station"

    3. what is the area covered in "duty station" in km

    4. What is the meaning of hometown ltc ? it is seen that all employees are eligible for home town ltc irrespective distance involved. In view of this if a person staying 10 metere away from headquarters office is he eligible to avail hometown ltc and encashment of EL on ltc. please try to answer these questions as I have no clear idea on this subject. It is requested that if somebody is able to reply on above point may pl quote their idea alongwith supporting order No. dated etc. so that everybody can clear their doubt on the subject. Thanks

  79. Udit Says:
  80. My grade pay is 2400 and entitled to travel by AC 3. However in case of my LTC from Guwahati to Puri, I have travelled by train AC 3 from guwahti to kolkata and then by another train from kolkata to puri. Again in return journey I have travelled by bus from Puri to Kolkata and then by Air from Kolkata to Guwahati. Now can I claim the AC 3 fare for direct route from Guwahati to Puri and vice versa, Can I show both air tickets and the bus tickets along with my bill? Kindly help me

  81. MEERAMOLE Says:
  82. I am entitled for LTA Rs. 10800/- as per my grade. Last year I didn't claimed LTA, so, I am getting LTA of two years together Rs. 21600/-, My travel fare from Bangalore to mangalore by II nd A/c. Rs. 900/- or by Bus Rs. 1000/- Can I calim bus fare as exemption.

  83. Anonymous Says:
  84. What is the meaning of employment for ltc purposes? please tell me whether a contingent worker/employee or ad-hoc basis employee fgor a limited period/time who happens to be son/daughter of an govt. employee is admissible/eligible for ltc as faimly member,further kindly inform whether there is age restriction for availing ltc to son/daughter of a govt. employee. Thanks

  85. Anonymous Says:
  86. A clarification is required from the concerned ministry that in view of the the "ltc hometown is eligible to all employees irrespective of distance involved". On the basis of this every employee can avail hometown ltc and will be able to encash 10 days el as per the eligibility conditions. For availing this encashment a clear clarification is required from the ministry stating that all employee can avail encashment facilities also irrespective of distance involved in their hometown from their workplace. as some department are in confusion to give this facility to their employees and it is noticed that department are giving memos to their employee if they ask this facility. therefore it is requested that please bring this confusion to the concerned ministry to get a clear clarification on the subject.

  87. Anonymous Says:
  88. Is a Government servant can avail of LTC Home town along with Paternity Leave within the sapn of two child.

  89. Anonymous Says:
  90. respected sir,
    . my grade pay is 2800 , am i eligible for air travel to goa on LTC . Kindly clarify me.
    thank you sir

  91. Anonymous Says:
  92. I availed LTC for my family only to visit shiridi from bangalore. I also applied 10 days leave encashment and the same was passed and paid to me in the month of May 2010. Final claim is passed and admitted by the pay controller. Now local audit has objected for payment of leave encashment as self has not traveled along with family members. In this connection please clarify whether local audit decision is in order as per the prevailing rules for encashment of earned leave while availing LTC. LTC rules permit mentions self and family in separate group in the same year also can travel. Your reply may please be posted to cool_neel999@rediffmail.com.

    Thank You.

  93. Anonymous Says:
  94. Dear Sir, Reply to my query posted on 12 Feb 2011 for encashment of leave on LTC availed for family members is still awaited. Your reply may please be forwarded to e-mail: cool_neel999@rediffmail.com

  95. jayprakash Says:
  96. A clarification is required regarding HTC & LTC within a block Period(04 years).My home town is 700km far from my working place. I am central govt PSU employee.My i know,how many times i can avail HTC and LTC within block period? If i don't want to avail LTC then how many times i can avail HTC within block period. Kindly clarify me.
    thanks to you.

  97. Anonymous Says:
  98. hi i am rajil sinha working in central government psu in ne region at guwahati. i have declared my home town at lucknow (u.p.)i want to take home town concession and booked ticket up to new delhi via lucknow br rajdhani train and return journey ticket booked from lucknow to guwahati.I have requested to my sanctioning authority to restrict my journey in terms of rupees up to lucknow and back to guwahati and reimburse me train fare from guwahati to lucknow only not up to new delhi and back to guwahati. I want to know in this case home town concession is possible or not. Kindly reply. thank u.

  99. latha Says:
  100. I am going to retire on 30.6.2011. Am I entitled to avail LTC before June 2011

  101. Anonymous Says:
  102. I am going to travel from Trichy to Coimbatore by LTC with my family.My Grade Pay is 4200. I am eligible to travel by train in AC 2 tire. Available classes in train are AC 2 tire and Sleeper Class. If I travel in AC 2 tire what reimbursement shall i get? whether AC 2 tire amount or sleeper class amount or normal bus fare?

  103. NS NAIDU Says:
  104. A person retiring within next 2 years of four year block of LTC, can he avail both home town and any where in India.

  105. anuradha Says:
  106. my home town is DELHI, can I awail LTC for J&K by conversion of LTC by home-town

  107. Anonymous Says:
  108. Sir(s)!
    I have availed LTC All India Facility and travelled in Air-India only, from Kolkata to Shillong. But I booked the ticket from an authorised agent namely M/s Chandni Forex LTd, Kolkata. My office says my Bill may not be Re-imbursed. Even Air-India Manager attested the said travel agency as their authorised agent. Kindly clarify my problem. Thanks
    B.Suresh Kumar
    email ; suresh_dft@yahoo.com

  109. Navii Says:
  110. One Official availed LTC to Mount Abu,frok chennai to ahmadabad, the official travelled by air and from ahmadabad to mount abu by bus, but the official had lost the tickets between the journey from ahmadabad to mount abu, can we accept the official claim or to reject the entire claim as the official had submitted the air tickets between chennai and ahmadabad... need clarification please...

  111. Anonymous Says:
  112. If the wife and kids travel earlier than the husband but all of them return together can the Husband claim LTC for himself and the entire family?

  113. Anonymous Says:
  114. My (PB III Grade 6600) family have travelled Home LTC by JET Airliner from VIsakhapatnam to Kolkata where there is no Indian Airline flight in that route. Please tel me whether I am entitled for re-imburesement?

  115. Sir,
    I had availed Home Town Conversion LTC to visit J & K for the block year 2006-2009 in Grace period during December 2010. My query is that whether I am allowed to take my Home Town Conversion LTC to visit J & K in next block 2010-2013.

  116. Anonymous Says:
  117. I mam working in the capacity of class B officer. I availed LTC from delhi to portblair by Air. Since I am not entitled by air so I submitted my claim as per- Delhi to Channai to portblair and back. My officer is saying the claim would be from Delhi to Kolkata to portblair and back. Kindly suggest. It will cost me a loss of 3 to 4 thousand.

  118. Anonymous Says:
  119. I have availed LTC for Home Town in the bolck year 2010-2013 in the year 2010 with permission of the office. Again I aviled LTC to Srinagar in the year 2011 for the block year 2010-2011 with the prior permission and Advance 80% for the Air Ticket.Now after completed my Journey and it is already one month old case. Now office is demanding money back for the last LTC Tour to Srinagar verbally. Is it justified or any body tell me the exact rule ? I'am very upset.

  120. ALKA Says:

  122. I want to avail All India LTC to Ahmedabad from Guwahati. Though, there is direct train from guwahati to ahmedabad, I want to perform journey by Rajdhani train e.g. from guwahati to delhi and delhi to ahmedabad in entitled class 2AC. In such condition, can I get the complete reimbursement of Rajdhani fare or it will be restricted to th efare of direct ordinary train.

  123. Mohanan .T.P Says:
  124. Dear all

    I had availed Home Town Conversion LTC to visit N/E for the block year 2006-2009 period during December 2009. My query is that whether I am allowed to take my Home Town Conversion LTC to visit J & K in next block 2010-2013.

  125. Anonymous Says:
  126. Yes, moderator of this site provide this for comments purposes but did not provide anything to solve any1's querries/issues.

    On seeing govt. employees issues above, it seems like people who are dealing with LTC in different govt. departments are not well aware of LTC Rules. In other words they dont know how to read the Govt. rules or they just do it for getting some money for settling the issues. we all have to understand that corruption are there inside itself.

    Anyway, I will try to give my best efforts to solve your issues because I had dealt with LTC and you all r my colleagues.


  127. vinish Says:
  128. If a non entitled officer travels by air up to his home town with his minor children which is not charged by the railways should he be paid full charges for the railway tickets.

  129. Anonymous Says:
  130. I am working in Engine Factory Avadi under Ministry of Defence as a Industrial Employee,MCM fitter. I plan to use LTC to go to Gangtok by Air directly from Chennai.My grade pay is 4200 in pay band 2 with a basic of Rs 9300.DOPT orders classifies Groub B employees for those who get grade pay 4200 to 5400 in the pay scale of pay of rs 9300-34800 in pay band -2.since i am drawing the above grade pay and basic ,am i eligible to travel from chennai to gangtok directly by air. whether LTC fares are granted based on post or the grade pay ,kindly clarify.

  131. Anonymous Says:
  132. Can an employee who will retired within one year take L.T.C. advance?

  133. praveenkumar Says:
  134. i am posted in kashmir, joined service in 2008 and want to avail all india LTC with my family who are at present in hometown, can i avail ltc from duty place to homwtown and then to jaisalmer and back to duty place

  135. Anonymous Says:
  136. Sir, I have booked a flight ticket to Srinagar on june17,2012 from Chennai which is the last day of the Govt Offer. I shall my complete my journey on June21,2012 i.e., I shall be back to Chennai on June21,2012. Am I entitled for LTC-80 for onward and return journey. Please clarify.

    Thanking you,

    Joseph K.
    e-mail: kjoseph22aug@yahoo.com

  137. Anonymous Says:
  138. Sir,

    I am a central govt employee since last 21 years. I am elgible for LTC. Since last 21 years I did not avail LTC for my husband. My husband is working abroad. Should I get LTC for my husband for the year 2012?. Please clarify.

  139. Anonymous Says:
  140. Sir,

    If a husband of Central Government employee is working in aborad on a contract basis. Should he entitle for LTC. Please clarify.



    e-mail :raneminal@yahoo.com

  141. Sir, i am a govt employee in the grade pay 4200. I have booked my tickets for NE . However at the time of booking tickets from air India , due to non availability of tickets I booked from Mumbai to Bagdogra via New Delhi, and the return journey was booked from Bagdogra to Mumbai via KOlkata . I am entitled for airfare as per rules. Howewver our office has objected to this and said that i cannot book via New Delhi as that is the longest route , and they will pay me train fare from MumbAi to Kolkata , and may probably not pay me the one way jouney money. Is it possible that they calculate the airfare from Mumbai to Bagdogra via kolkata and give me the same to and fro
    Please suggest its urgent

  142. Raghavendar Says:
  143. i want to travel to Jammu from bengalore. i have booked LTC 80 tickets for bengalore-delhi, delhi-bengalore, Jammu-Delhi. but from Delhi-Jammu i want travel by bus via Manali. i hope, i will be reimbursed 2AC train fare for Delhi-Jammu. please confirm.

  144. Anonymous Says:
  145. I am an employee of Indian Council Of Agricultural Researcg(Autonomous,follow the centralGovt rules and regulations) and my husband is an employee of Life Insurance of India(PSU). So far we (me, my wife and my son) have availed LTC from LICI i.e from my husband's office.
    Our LTC block is like 01.04.2008 to 31.03.2010 and it is already utilised/taken.
    But now i want to avail LTC from my office simultaneously.If me and my family want to avail the LTC of my organisation is it permissible?

    And would the certificate {according to Swamy's manual}, to be prodused by my wife to her office, in future give any legal bar against availing LTC from my organisation?

    Please reply IN DETAIL.
    Is there any concrete rule? If possible send me a link.


  147. 1. AFTER WITHDRAWAL of LTC, Can any inquiry be initiated for fraudulent or any disciplinary action be taken if found fraudulent?

    2. Once NOC is issued for interview for a new job in a Statutory body, can any vigilance objection be initiated related to any event happened well before issue of NOC?

  148. Anonymous Says:
  149. I am a central govt employee in the grade pay of Rs 4800/- and posted in northeast region.My wife stays at last station (chandigarh) with kid.Few days back my family traveled by air,visited at place of posting and availed LTC but my office restrected family LTC in entitled class of train.Now I reguired some clarification whether my my wife and kids are entitled to avail LTC by air from last place of posting(Chandigarh) to new place of posting (Jorhat-ASSAM)

  150. Anonymous Says:
  151. I am an employee of Indian Council Of Agricultural Research (Autonomous organization, who follows the central Govt rules and regulations) and my wife is an employee of State Govt. Our places of posting are different. I had drawn advance for home town LTC for me, wife and son. My wife and son (residing with wife) started the journey from my place of posting to the home town on Home town LTC. However, the place of posting of my wife is nearer to Home Town than my place of posting. As per of LTC rule, when husband claims LTC, employed wife will be treated as member of the family. Besides, Rule No. 4, Explanation No. 3 of LTC rules says, “Though it is not necessary for the spouse and children to reside with the Government servant so as to be eligible for the Leave Travel Concession, the concession in their cases shall, however, be restricted to the actual distance traveled or the distance between the headquarters/place of posting of the Government servant and the hometown/place of visit, whichever is less.” In my case, wife and son travelled from my place of posting to home town and back to my place of posting. But, my office declined to adjust the LTC claim from the advance drawn and started recovering from my salary. Kindly clarify the rule position in our case.

  152. Anonymous Says:
  153. I am a temporary employee got appointed by University of Hyderabad under XI plan by UGC and my salary is coming from UGC and I am governed by New pension scheme as other non teaching employees.
    So i was aware that the rules will be like the permanent employees and now wanted to know is there any other rule for temporary employee in Central govt. I am recruited through proper channel having payscale of 42oo and 9300-34800.

  154. Anonymous Says:
  155. sir i am a central govt employee having grade pay of Rs 4200/-
    I joined the deptt. on april2011. My hometown is jammu(j&k) and i am posted in delhi ryt nw so my question is... can i avail hometown ltc for self by air as there are exceptions for J&K and NER to avail air travel also.

  156. Anonymous Says:
  157. iam working as postal assistant in Thrissur Head post office of Thrissur Division. Iam now staying in Irinjalakuda postal division. My doubt is am i eligible for taking home town ltc to north east.

  158. Anonymous Says:
  159. I want to visit Vaishnodevi Mandir as per new LTC relaxation rule. I want to know that there is no transport facility from Katra to Vaisnhodevi Mandir, Can I avail helicopter service from Katra to Vaishnodevi Mandir? Is it admissible. My GP is Rs. 4200

  160. Anonymous Says:
  161. I would like to avail LTC for 'other than hometown' to go to Andaman from Delhi. Can I avail package tour offered by Make my Trip and get the full reimbursement? Please guide me. If any one good soul can do so I would be highly thankful.

  162. Binu Kumar Says:
  163. i joined in govt service in 16/3/2009.my gp is rs. 4600. i availed ltc self on 2010 and with family on 2013 march. is it admissible to take hometown ltc on november 2013.sir kindly clerify

  164. Binu Kumar Says:
  165. i joined in govt service in 16/3/2009.my gp is rs. 4600. i availed ltc self on 2010 and with family on 2013 march. is it admissible to take hometown ltc on november 2013.sir kindly clerify

  166. Anonymous Says:
  167. I have traveled from bagdogra to delhi by Air India under LTC. But I have lost my boarding pass. Then what can i do?

  168. A Katoch Says:
  169. Can I avail LTC for home town Panchrukhi (HP) for block 2 years by AC (VOLVO) Bus as my grade pay is Rs. 4600/-. Request clarify on priority.

  170. Anonymous Says:
  171. I am planning to visit Jammu by LTC. It is admissible to avail LTC (by Air) up to Jammu under the J&K LTC.

  172. I have three children. Two born before 01-10-1998 & one after 01-10-1998 . Their DOB is 27-09-1986(Daughter-married),, 16-12-1991(Son-student/unmarried/no job), 01-02-2001(Son-student). Can I entitle for LTC All India & LTC Home Town in favour of my both the SONS or not.

  173. I am Central Govt. Employee working in depart of Post. I have three children. My daughter DOB/27-09-1986 has been married and her name has been deleted from my service record. My Two sons, whose DOB/16-12-1991 & 01-02-2001. Thus my two children born before 01-10-1998 & one after 01-10-1998. Kindly clarify that my both the sons are eligible for LTC All India & LTC Home Town or NOT. My office dealing says that my 3rd son is entitle for LTC All India as he born after 01-10-1998. Whereas as per knowledge.

    Fare for more than 2 children-If kids are born before 1st October 1998 then they are all eligible for travel irrespective of number. But kids who born after 1st October 1998 then only two kids will be allowed to travel. So if Mr.X has 3 kids born before 1st October 1998 and 3 kids after 1st October 1998 then he can claim expenses for all kids born before 1st October 1998 but only for two kids who born after 1st October 1998.

  174. Anonymous Says:
  175. i availed hometown for block year 2012-2013,can i avail L.T.C of block year 2010-2013 (extended).i had not availed home town of block year 2010-11

  176. Anonymous Says:
  177. I am intending to avail LTC, The itinary is Delhi to Trivendrum via Goa. Flight from Delhi to Goa (Rs. 14000/-), Goa to Trivendrum by Train (Rs. 2000/-) and the From Trivendrum to Delhi Rs.(12500/-)

    How much will be reimbursed.
    Please on urgent basis.

  178. Anonymous Says:
  179. sir i am working as an Asst.director,( G.P 5400)and posted at Guwahati.My home town is Lakhimpur Kheri (U.P.) i am entitled to travel by air & the nearest airport to home town is Lucknow.There is no any direct flight of air india to Lucknow,all flights are via delhi.Can i avail LTC by air upto to lucknow via delhi? will this route be Shortest route to avail ltc. if not then any other alternative to avail LTC by air from Guwahati to Lucknow.

  180. Anonymous Says:
  181. sir i am working as an Asst.director,( G.P 5400)and posted at Guwahati.My home town is Lakhimpur Kheri (U.P.) i am entitled to travel by air & the nearest airport to home town is Lucknow.There is no any direct flight of air india to Lucknow,all flights are via delhi.Can i avail LTC by air upto to lucknow via delhi? will this route be Shortest route to avail ltc. if not then any other alternative to avail LTC by air from Guwahati to Lucknow. pawan gupta



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