Leave Rules for central govt employees - Reference

Posted by binu P Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Different Types of Leave available to central government employees and a brief description of each leave.

1.   Earned Leave:
2.   Half Pay Leave:
3.   Commuted Leave:
4.   Leave Not Due:
5.  Maternity Leave:
6.  Paternity Leave:
7.  Study Leave:
8.  Extra Ordinary Leave:
9. Casual Leave:
10.Child Care Leave:
11.Hospital Leave::
12.Vacational Department Staff Leave:
13: Special Disability Leave:
14. Child Adoption Leave:

1. Earned Leave:
The credit for earn leave will awarded at a rate of 15 days on the 1st of January and 1st of July every year. It can be accumulated up to 300 days in addition to the number of days for which encashment has been allowed along with LTC. Maximum of 180 days at a time can be availed in the case of Earned Leave. Some exceptions are also there.
Earned leave exceeding 180 days but not exceeding 300 days at a time may be granted to Group 'A' and Group 'B' officers, if at least the quantum of leave in excess of 180 days is spent outside India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Nepal , Pakistan , Bhutan Burma. This leave may be taken at at time upto 300 days as leave preparatory to retirement.

2. Half Pay Leave
Half pay leave is calculated at 20 days for each completed year of service. For eg, if you are in service for 2 years , you will be having a total of 40 days of half pay leave. The service inculdes periods of duty and leave including extraordinary leave with or without MC. Half pay leave can be availed with or without MC(Medical Certificate). From 1st January 1986, half pay leave is credited in advance at the rate of 10 days on the 1st of January and 1st of July every year.

3.Commuted Leave:
Commuted leave not exceeding half the amount of half-pay leave due can be taken on medical certificate. Up to a maximum of 90 days can be taken during the entire service without medical certificate where such leave is utilized for an approved course of study certified to be in university interest.
It can be taken  up to a maximum of 60 days can be granted to a female employee in continuation of maternity leave without medical certificate and upto a maximum of 60 days can be granted without medical certificate to a female employee with less than two living children, on adoption of a child less than one year old. Commuted leave may be granted at the request of the employee even when earned leave is due to him.

4. Leave Not Due
Leave not due is granted when there is no half-pay leave at credit and the employee requests for the grant of Leave Not Due.  Temporary officials with one year’s service and suffering from TB, Leprosy, Cancer or Mental illness may also be granted LND if the post from which the official proceeds on leave is likely to last till his return.

It is granted only medical certificate  if the leave sanctioning authority is satisfied that there is a reasonable prospect of the employee returning to duty on its expiry.  It may be granted without medical certificate in continuation of maternity leave. and may be granted without medical certificate to a female employee with less than two living children, on adoption of a child less than one year old. The amount of leave should be limited to the half-pay leave that the employee is likely to earn subsequently.

Leave not due during the entire service is limited to a maximum of 360 days and  due will be debited against the half-pay leave that the employee may earn subsequently.

5. Maternity Leave
Maternity leave is granted to women government employees.
1) Pregnancy: 180 days – Admissible only to employees with less than two surviving children.
2) Miscarriage/abortion (induced or otherwise): Total of 45 days in the entire service. However, any such leave taken prior to 16.6.1994 will not be taken into account for this limitation. Admissible irrespective of number of surviving children. Application to be supported by a certificate from a registered medical practitioner for NGOs and from AMA for GOs.
The materntiy leave is not debited to leave account and full pay is granted. It cannot be combined with any other leaves and counts as service for increments and pension.

6. Paternity Leave
 A male employee with less than two surviving children may be granted Paternity Leave for a period of 15 days during the confinement of his wife. During the period of such leave he shall be paid leave salary equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on leave. Paternity Leave shall not be debited against the leave account and may be combined with other kind of leave as in the case of Maternity Leave.

7. Study Leave
Study leave may be granted to all government employees with not less than five years’ service for undergoing a special course consisting of higher studies or specialized training in a professional or technical subject having a direct and close connection with the sphere of his duties as a civil servant.
The course for which the study leave is taken should be certified to be of definite advantage to govt from the point of view of public interest and that particular study should be approved by the authority competent to grant leave.
The official should submit a full report on the work done during study leave. Maximum of 24 months of leave is sanctioned. In the case of CHS officers 36 months of leave can be granted at a stretch or in different spells.
Study leave will not be debited to the leave account and may be combined with other leave due.
Study leave is not granted for studies outside India if facilities are available in India and to an official due to retire within 3 years of return from the study leave.

8. Extra Ordinary Leave
Extraordinary leave is granted to a Government servant when no other leave is admissible or when other leave is admissible, but the Government servant applies in writing for extraordinary leave.

Extraordinary leave cannot be availed concurrently during the notice period, when going on voluntary retirement and  EOL may also be granted to regularize periods of absence without leave retrospectively.

9. Casual Leave
In a calendar year eight days of casual leave is permissible.
Casual leave is not a recognized form of leave and is not subject to any rules made by the Government of India. An official on Casual Leave is not treated as absent from duty and pay is not intermitted.

(i) Casual Leave can be combined with Special Casual Leave/vacation but not with any other kind of leave.
(ii) It cannot be combined with joining time.
(iii) Sundays and Holidays falling during a period of Casual Leave are not counted as part of Casual Leave.
(iv) Sundays/public holidays/restricted holidays/weekly offs can be prefixed/suffixed to Casual Leave.
(v) Casual Leave can be taken while on tour, but no daily allowance will be admissible for the period.
(vi) Casual Leave can be taken for half day also.
(vii) Essentially intended for short periods. It should not normally be granted for more than 5 days at any one time,
except under special circumstances.
(viii) LTC can be availed du ring Casual Leave.
(ix) Individuals appointed and joining duty during the middle of a year may avail of Casual Leave proportionately or to the full extent at the discretion of the Competent Authority.

10. Child Care Leave
Woman employees having minor children may be granted Child Care Leave by an authority competent to grant leave for a maximum period of 730 days (2 years) during their entire service for taking care of up to two children., whether for rearing or to look after any of their needs like examination, sickness, etc.
Conditions for Child Care Leave
1. Child care leave shall not be admissible if the child is eighteen years of age or older equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on leave.
2. It can be availed in more than one spell.
3. It can not be debited against the leave account.
4. It may be combined with leave of the kind due and admissible.

11. Hospital Leave:
Hospital leave is admissible to Group 'C' employees whose duteis involve handling of dangerous machinary, explosive materials, poisonous drugs and perfomance of hazardous taks and to Group 'D' Employees.
Medical certificate from an authorized medical attendant is necessary for grant of this leave. This hospital leave may be combined with any other kind of leave due and admissible, provided total period of leave does not exceed 28 months.

12. Vacation Department Staff leave Entitlement
The leave entitlements of employees of Vacation Departments (ie departments where regular vacations are allowed during which those serving in them are permitted to be absent from duty) are the same as those serving in non-vacation Departments except in respect of 'earned leave'.
No earned leave will be admissible to a govt servant of a vacation Department in any year in which he avails of the full vacation. The vacation can be combined with casual leave.

13. Special Disability Leave
Special disability leave admissible to all employees when disabled by injury intentionally or accidentally inflicted or  caused in or in consequence of the due performance of official duties or in consequences of official position. The disability above should have manifested within three months of the occurrence to which it is attributed and the person disabled had acted with due promptitude in bringing it to notice. The leave sanctioning authority, if satisfied as to the cause of the disability, may relax the condition and grant leave in cases where disability has manifested more than three months after the occurrence of its cause.

Special disability leave is also admissible when disabled by illness incurred in the performance of any particular duty, which has the effect of increasing liability to illness or injury beyond the ordinary risk attaching to the civil post held, under the same condition.This disability should be certified by an Authorised Medical Attendant to be directly due to the performance of the particular duty.

Maximum of 24 months of leave may be granted.
May be combined with any other leave.
Will count as service for pension.
Will not be debited to the leave account.

14) Child Adoption Leave:
Child adoption leave is granted to Female employees, with fewer than two surviving children on valid adoption of a child below the age of one year, for a period of 135 days immediately after the date of valid adoption.

Leave salary will be equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on leave.
It may be combined with leave of any other kind.
Leave not debited against the leave account.

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63 Responses to Leave Rules for central govt employees - Reference

  2. Sir please clarify about the conversion of jointing time into earned leave. Waseem

  3. GDSingh Says:
  4. good.

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. Is it possible to terminate EOL (for 2/3 years) midway, on personal grounds, and go back to the position the employee was posted just before going on leave?
    Will he be given back all the increments and continuity in service?

  7. shekhar Says:
  8. I have the same question (very urgent):
    Is it possible to terminate EOL (for 2/3 years) midway, on personal grounds, and go back to the position the employee was posted just before going on leave?
    Will he be given back all the increments, promotion and continuity in service?

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. sir,
    Is it possible A Person can claim for remaining joining time to bring goods or personal effects after availing joining time of three days with family and he has to bring attendance certificate from the old station

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. Sir, kindly clarify whether a person recruited as Technician with an SSLC and ITI certificate course in Mechanical, can be sent on study leave to study M.Tech.in Urban and Regional Planning. The pg degree has no relevance to his present job as technician since the M.Tech.is dealing with regional planning.

  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. sir kindly clarify whether a person who is posted in post office as p.a recently, his service is only two month he was studing in B.se 2nd year can he permitted to completed his B.se final.and which kind of leave is given by the deptt.is it posible to terminate the employee by the deptt.

  15. monika Says:
  16. Sir, I am recently selected as p.a. In postal department. I am persuing c.a. Bt I need 10 months leave to complete my study. Can department permit me to take leave.

  17. Sir,

    My Friend's wife is working in a Hospital in Delhi as Staff Nurse recruited by DSSSB board.She joined the services on 08th May 2009 and gave birth to a child on 13th sep. 2009 thats why she availed maternity leaves from 12th sep 2009 to 11 march 2010 and then 30 days EL and after that CCL for four months upto 10 aug 2010.
    But due to some family problems she gave resignation on 20th july 2010, resignation while she was on leave.Administrative staff are saying for recovery of the pay withdrawals against all leaves including(maternity and EL and CCL leaves).

    Please suggest me in this regard , what the CCS service rules says and what can we do to minimize the recovery.

  18. Anonymous Says:
  19. my brothe is wokring for the postal dept from 6 months he wants few months leave to take up his civil service examination can he get them

  20. Anonymous Says:
  21. my name is babu ,i like to know if EOL can be taken without prier information.

  22. APACHE Says:

  24. SUJAY Says:
  25. sir,
    I was working as a group 'C' Civilian in central Government under ministry of Defence. Now I got an another government appointment. Now I would like resign this present employment and want join the new appointment.
    In the present employement i had completed two years service and till know I have not recieved any conformation letter.
    Now If I want resign to the present employment how long before I should give resignation.
    Is there any chance of taking leave or permission to the new job for joining the duty for some 15 late than the given date of joining.sujay

  26. sujay Says:
  27. sir,
    i was recruited as lab technician in ESI HOSPITAL. they gave joining date November 10. But I want have some time to join. Is it possible to extend the joining time upto november 30. or after giving joining report is it possible to avail any kind leaves for 15 days...sujay

  28. Anonymous Says:
  29. Sir, Can we prefix or suffix Ristricted Holidy while availing Earned Leave?

  30. A Central Government employee has applied for voluntary retirement from 07/02/11. He has availed extraordinary leave of 40 days. However, he has no leave balance at all. Where from will this leave be debited or recovered?

  31. Anonymous Says:
  32. how to regularise absence for more than 180 days in central govt offices ?

  33. Anonymous Says:
  34. Sir/Madam,

    One official of our office has availed study leave for one year. Kindly clarify whether Earned Leave and Half Pay Leave can be credited to her leave account during that study leave period.

    Kiran, CBWE.

  35. Roopa Says:
  36. I have travelled abroad seeking permission and after going to a foreign country sent a medical certificate seeking extension of leave on medical grounds. The leave has been rejected and a recall memo being sent.
    What needs to be done Sir?
    Bangalore, India

  37. Anonymous Says:
  38. Sir,

    Pl. clarify whether there is any special leave provision for the Central Govt. employees who have undergone Hysterectomy (Surgical removal of Uterus).

  39. Anonymous Says:
  40. Sir,
    I am suma george. I am working in Central Govt. Organization. I have three children. For my elder two children, I have not availed child care leave. Can I avail CCL for my third child who is studying in class X this year. His exam starts in March 2011.

  41. Anonymous Says:
  42. Sir,
    I will retire on 31st March 2014 which is Monday. Can I avail CL on 31st March 2014 which is supposed to be the last working day?
    Also let me know whether I can avail all 8 CLs and 2 Special CL during 1st January 2014 to 31st march 2014?

  43. rejiekm Says:
  44. Sir,
    I am a gazetted officer put on 19yrs of service.I am intending to take VRS on completion of 20yrs making minimum eligible service for pension.I have about 400 leave (E/L and Sick)in my credit.Pl advice me if i finish this leave and opt for VRS will it affect my pension benefits?
    Also I am in final stage of Phd for which i have taken prior approval from the department to do.Whether i can avail E/L for this purpose?
    Whether I can take leaves in my credit preparatory to my voluntary retirement at 20yrs of service

  45. Anonymous Says:
  46. Sir,please clarify paternity leave rules.my probation period is runing shall i posible to take said leave?

  47. Anonymous Says:
  48. Respected sir,

    I wish to present this matter for your favourable cosideration

    I am serving with Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan as Primary Teacher under probation (joined duty on 04 Jan 2011). I have cleared UGC-JRF test in Education and wish to persue research in the same field as a regular candidate. The validity of my JRF ends by April 2012. So I cannot wait till completion of probation period(2years).Whether there is any provision for availing leave on loss of pay for doing higher studies(PH.D)during the probation period.
    Kindly enlighten me in this regard.
    My email id is ashapradeep2004@gmail.com

  49. Anonymous Says:
  50. can a govt servant after availing 10 days leave not due join his office on a Saturday.what does he do when his asked to join on Monday since the office is closed on Saturday

  51. Anonymous Says:
  52. Sir,
    Kindly clarify the rules for availing compensatory off

  53. Anonymous Says:
  54. As per leave rules leave cannot be claimed as a right. But it is said above that Casual leave is not a recognized form of leave and is not subject to any rules made by the Government of India. An official on Casual Leave is not treated as absent from duty and pay is not intermitted. From the above my opinion is that, the competent authority can not refuse the casual leave when applied for. If an official has asked for a casual leave and the competent authority has not granted the same. And even then the official is remained absent, the competent authority can not withhold his pay for that period. Please clarify whether my opinion is correct or otherwise.

  55. Anonymous Says:
  56. central govt hospital in chennai some clarification in our hospital 25 beds and 4 staff nurses as per order each nurse should do 194 hours duty( may a right) and at same time they can avail 8 off in a month in our gpvt order dayoff cannot be combine any other leave but our staff nurses taking lot of CL ,EL,Coff in a month and attending only 10-15 days duty and they availed same 8 days off in amonth with out doing 194 hours duty they used to availed exta hours duty (coff)please clirify staff nurses duty hours and dayoff and coff. they used to take CL with dayoff.

  57. Anonymous Says:
  58. Sir,
    Kindlt guid me as I am a permanent Central Govt. Gr.B Officer, Presently I am posted in Delhi and I have been facing criminal trial in the court of law about 250KM away from my office. For similar case in departmental enquiry, I have been aquitted by the IO, though the report still pending for acceptance by the comptent authority.
    For every date in the court of law I need to go one day before the actual date of hearing in the court. My senior compell me to apply for leave for two days each time I go to attend the court date. This way I find my c/l leave account not sufficient to meet my required attendance in the court. I am really in a too awkward/miserable situation.
    So kindly advice me how can I attend court dates away 250Km from my resi./office without using my leave account.
    My mail ID is Joy_9in2000@yahoo.co.in
    I shall be oblised with the kind advise.

  59. swarnapriya Says:
  60. I was absent from office on medical treatment of wife due to sudden illness of her and that was intimated to office over phone . After three days, I join my office and submit E.L for that days.Authority denied leave as it was not pre-sanctioned .Is it in order

  61. ajeet Says:
  62. i have been selected in govt organisation (central government),but right now iam in final year M.tech program at IIT .They have given joining date as oct 15 2011,but i can't leave M.tech.Is it possible to take extension in joining for my study.Plz do reply....

  63. Anonymous Says:
  64. if an employee is granted EOL, is it debited against EL and HPL?

  65. Anonymous Says:
  66. Sir,
    What is the meaning for 'With less than two surviving Children'. Please clarify wheather an employee having two children(two births) is eligible for paternity/maternity leave...?

  67. Anonymous Says:
  68. whether Commuted Leave can be availed for 1 day for the reason other than medical ground

  69. Anonymous Says:
  70. Sir,
    i have joined as auditor in central govenment on 3rd Jan 2011. Now I want to go for maternity leave from jan 15 2012. Since I am in probation for 2 years,i want to ask that Should these maternity leave be counted in my probation period? Should i get the salary in time?

  71. Anonymous Says:
  72. SIR, Iam going to join as PGT in Kendriya Vidyalaya.I am 5 months pregnant.Can i avail maternity during the probation period?

  73. Raju Says:
  74. Sir, I have been working as Postal Assistant in Department Of Posts for the last two years. I would like to pursue MSc course. Kindly inform whether any kind of can be availed by me for this purpose. Please also inform the proceedure for availing such a leave???
    email id :-mukkali@gmail.com

  75. raviprakash Says:
  76. Sir,
    Pl clarify whether increment is allowed for EOL without MC due to mother's serious illness and beyond the control of the government servant. This according to G.I, M.F, O.M. No. F.7(2)/E-III(A)/72 DATED 28/01/1972
    Pl reply at the earliest, also mail a copy of the above OM my mail krprakas2829@rediffmail.com

  77. Anonymous Says:
  78. pl.clarify casual leave with prior sanction be followed by commuted leave on medical ground with conversion of that casual leave into earned leave.

  79. Anonymous Says:
  80. is it necessary to wait for sanction orders before proceeding on paternity leave, even though the application to the same effect had been submitted in office ? what about when the higher authority sits on file and later issuesn memos for proceeding on pater nity leave

  81. Anonymous Says:
  82. hi ,
    I have joined as postal assistant and worked for 2 months..I attended the training and discontinued in the middle... So now i want to join back the job..IS IT POSSIBLE?

  83. Anonymous Says:
  84. I work in Central Government Office. I would like to know if after Maternity Leave , if I take EXOL will I be eligible for pay and for how many months I can take . Kindly clarify.

  85. Anonymous Says:
  86. What is the difference between temporary and permanent employees? when employee wil be treat as permanent?

  87. Anonymous Says:
  88. Pls let me know that can a woman employee who applies for ccl b'cos of her child's sickness showing medical certificate be denied ccl only b'cos she has not applied for it in 15 days advance and instead she is asked to apply for e.l. If it is correct, then what is the purpose of this leave as ccl can be granted for child's sickness.And in any case, whether e.l or ccl, she would be on leave.

  89. Anonymous Says:
  90. Sir, I work in Department of posts. going to complete 2 years experience in this september. I have to undergo 6 month coaching programme as part of my IAS studies. What are the facilities available to take leave.? Maximum how long i can take leave.? Im ready for 'loss of pay' also. Kindly guide me.

  91. Anonymous Says:
  92. cud a sanctioned by competent authority bee cancelled by higer officer

  93. Sk Khan Says:
  94. I'm central Govt employee. I had emailed my one day casual leave. But unfortunately it goes to spam folder and the officer has not take the print out and he issued an explanation me. I had applied for casual leave before office timing. But he served an explanation to me. I replied but he again served second explanation regarding my mail was not received. I submitted all the print out with my reply, but he is not satisfy. Can he stop my salary. Please advised meon email: future.awe@gmail.com

  95. Anonymous Says:
  96. sir,
    can Half Pay Leave only be availed for medical reasons or can it be availed for private reasons as well?

  97. Anonymous Says:
  98. I am a Medical officer working for a port trust hospital in the western region of India.
    We are mede to work on Holidays without giving any over time or compensatory off. Is it right on the part of the managment to deny us our holidays. Kindly comment

  99. Anonymous Says:

  101. Anonymous Says:
  102. sir
    i joined my office on 2nd julu 2012 as LDC (fresh employee) how many cause leave i can avail

    email: rohtashmeh@gmail.com

  103. Anonymous Says:
  104. SIR,

  105. Anonymous Says:
  106. Sir
    i was on maternity on 1 july. so i didnt get increment. it was effective only after my joining. is it ok?

  107. Anonymous Says:
  108. Sir,
    I retired from service in November 2012. I had 149 EL and 78 HPL to my credit. We teachers were getting 20 days HPL per year earlier which was in between converted to EL. My employer deducted Income tax From my EPL encashment. Am I entitled to refund of the tax deducted?

  109. Anonymous Says:
  110. Sir,
    I am working in a public school, As per the leave record in my credit there are 18 days of earned leave. Is it possible to avail 22 days of Leave in continuation including 3 sundays and one holiday coming in between.(18+4=22)

  111. Anonymous Says:
  112. sir, I was on tour from 16-03-2013 to 24-03-2013 ( including journey time ), on 25-03-2012 my weekly rest day as per official duty chart my office , so I decided to join my duty after tour 0n 26-03-13 but on 26-03-13, I was became unfit to join my duty due to sickness and I taken sickness leave up to 10-04-13 . So now I am not entitle for weekly rest on 25-03-13, so what type of leave I can take on that day of 25-03-13 , falls between tour and sick leave ?

  113. Anonymous Says:
  114. m working as staff nurse in cghs hospital,so my question is that it is legal to get no objection certificate from administration for my post basic nursing during my probation period....

  115. Anonymous Says:
  116. can I get NOC for my post basic nursing during my probation period, m working in cg hospital

  117. Anonymous Says:
  118. whether compensatory off/holiday can be availed prefixing cl and suffixing closed holidays followed by earned leave

  119. Anonymous Says:
  120. sir, Can I avail any kind of leave to join spouse abroad for a period not less than one year as per instruction of my doctor as a part of our primary infertility treatment??. please answer.

  121. Sanjeev Says:
  122. I am an officer in the central govt. deptt, please intimate me whether the casual leave availed can be converted into the earned leave, if yes under which rules.

  123. Bt Batwal Says:
  124. whether a official in Central PSU be relived on his transfer when he is already on Medical leave


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