Passport application and NOC form for government employees

Posted by binu P Thursday, February 18, 2010

In order to apply for a passport a government servant has to get NOC (No Objection
Certificate ) from their department. This NOC is valid only for 6 months.

New passport means applying for a passport for the first time or applying for a passport if you have never held any passport earlier. In case an application was ever made at any Passport Office prior to the present application and whether the application was processed or closed, or even if passport was issued and not received by the applicant, details thereof should be given in the relevant column in the present application. Failure to disclose these details, if any, would invite applicable penalty.

Reissue means an application for another passport in lieu of an existing one which has either expired or is about to expire. An applicant may apply for a new passport in lieu of an expired/ about to expire passport upto 3 years after and 1 year before the expiry of the Passport. Re-issue of passport should not be mistaken for renewal of passport. Renewal of passport means that a passport which was originally issued for a short validity of one to five years - under certain emergency conditions on the part of the applicant - is now required to be extended to its full validity of ten years from the date of issue of the passport. Renewal is a zero fee service and the application should be made in Form No. 2).

A New passport is issued in lieu of a lost/damaged passport.

Download Passport Application Form
Download Application Form 2
Download Personal Particulars Form

Passport NOC application form

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20 Responses to Passport application and NOC form for government employees

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. my daughter who is 20 years has no voters ID or any address proof except D.L. In passport office they told fathers one year bank account will do. but when we gone there they rejected the application saying tahsildar or college letter is regd. telephone,gas connection , ration card all are in fathers name. For this purpose we recently opened new bank account. please any body give suggestion.

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. I m working in central govt office. and i applied new passport so i have to require an NOC in a preforma according to Passport office (i.e. Annexure B)but i office denied to give me NOC in the same performa.They said that they give only NOC i.e. identity certificate only and passport office dened to take this NOC.This means that i m not applicable to apply passport.please anybody suggest me how can take NOC or how can make my passport.

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. I am a government servant in Karnataka.I recently intend to apply for a fresh passport.My office refuses to give me a NOC or a identity certificate for passport purpose. In spite of telling them that im going for a tour and that im just going to visit.... How do i take my office to task?Are there rules that i can invoke other than 'The Passport act of 1967'.Pls help as i am running out of time.


  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. Bad/unnecessary Government Rules which develops more corruption. Did they can promise that all the corruptions are halted due to this rule. That's why the country never improved. See other countries and improve our rules and regulations. All due to the political pigs who do corruptions.

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. I am a govt. servant and I have passport with validity up to 27-5-2012. I want to renew my passport. Is it necesarry to produce NOC from my office ? Kindly clarify.
    Thank you

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. My wife want to apply for a fresh passport & she is government employee.Passport is an Identity proof then I dont understand why the hell they requires NOC to get passport from government employee. In our country bad peoples can get the passport without any hassel but for others they need to follow all the rules. By making such noncense rules we can not achieve anything. this rule means literally government employee has no rights to go abroad.

  13. sk Says:
  14. i am a govt.servant and i have a passport valid upto 3-10-2012. i want to renew my passport.is it nhecessary to produce NOC FROM MY OFFICE? KINDLY CLARIFY

  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. i am central govt servant (MILITARY)what is NOC formatt that i should take !

  17. Anonymous Says:
  18. I am state govt employee health department.From where i want take N O C(P.H.C,T.H.O office,D.H.O Office)

  19. Anonymous Says:
  20. i am a public sector employee(psu),i produced noc for passport appling and also got passport.in my every abroad trip should i produce noc on airport or some where else? pl make me clear.


  21. Anonymous Says:
  22. No it is not necessary as u have already provided the same at the time of new passport .
    All u hve to do is jst to apply online fr renewal of ur expired passport and mention the date of issue and passport number of ur expired passport

  23. Unknown Says:
  24. my wife has applied for a passport.. she has not mentioned that she is a state government employee.. Police verification came.. truth fully she said to the police that she is working in government. Police asked to get NOc from Government. at last after continues struggle she got now.. suggest me what is the next procedure to get Process and get passport.

    thanks venu

  25. Anonymous Says:
  26. i am a aided school teacher how can get noc where from? pl.tell me a clear ideas. my wife is working as teacher in govt school(middle),she where from get noc.

  27. prajapatrika Says:
  28. i am a zpphigh school teacher in east godavari district in andhra pradesh. where i want take N O C. What is the proceeger...please tell me a good suggesstion

  29. Anonymous Says:
  30. What are the situations under which NOC can be denied to minor CHILDREN of a government employee when the government employee and his wife (not a government employee) both hold a passport? Kindly enlighten with legal position. Thanks in advance

  31. Anonymous Says:
  32. I am state government employee in revenue department.my would be willing to bring me abroad for tour.but I don't have passport.I want to apply but my colleagues said govt employee can't go abroad nd easily can't get passport.is it ? Any solution is there to get passport for me?

  33. Thank you, your experience is quite encouraging to me. I think this is the best option for me at the moment.

  34. Santosh Raj Says:
  35. I am Central Govt Employee under probation period, can i obtain NOC for passport or not. If the office doesn't grant NOC , how should i apply for passport.

  36. Anonymous Says:
  37. my mother she is working as a teacher in state government school going to get her retirement in feb last . what procedur to be followed to apply for a new passport whether to apply now or to wait till her retirement?if she will be able to get her passport after that ? is she need to get any noc after her retirement also?

  38. deepika Says:
  39. Hii m a centr gov employe and I hv passport but now am married and wanna change my surname on passport . Is n.o.c is necessary ..kindly suggest .first tim for passport I take n.o.c from department .but again its necessary or not. ..pls suggest


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