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Posted by binu P Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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  1. sethu Says:
  2. Regarding the proposed Direct Tax Code and the EET formula for GPF withdrawal at the end of his service to the GOI.

    Could you let us know how it works? Secondly, it is not unfair, that a government servant who puts his hard earned money into his GPF for 35-40 years has to give tax for his own money at the end? How is it going to be worked out? What is the criteria? If so, then, why should one put his money into his GPF only to find it taxed in the end? How then it would work out in the case of Secretary to GOI who, for example, may have 75 lakhs in his GPF and what amount he has to give as tax? If so, why he has to pay tax after putting it in for 35 years?

    Grateful for a reply

    Sethu Madhavan

  3. we are to much disappointed that our department CRPF is doing a lot of injustice to us and we don't even have right to any promotion,speak or oppose .Now again its not imlementing fast track committee decision.So,no one try to think of joining this force

  4. Sineesh Says:
  5. yes,,, ASI/Pharmacist is the one and only one qualified but neglected post in CRPF, there is no opportunity for career growth/promotion, upto 57 years of age Pharmacist will remain in the same ASI Rank but,Remaining all qualified cadres enjoys career growth/promotions.

  6. i need a clarification regardin NPS, as you all aware that those persons who joins the service on of after 1/1/2004 are not members for Contributory Provident Fund Scheme, in lieu they are elgible to NPS - in this regard, i want clarification, what happens if a governemnt servant leaves the service (in autonomous body-governed my CG rules) and joins the banking service, whether the employee is eligible to get his new pension scheme dues which are deducted during his service or his dues will be carried forward to his present job(which is not a CG)
    please clarify, since no guidelines are available in this matter.

  7. nitin Says:
  8. This comment has been removed by the author.  
  9. nitin Says:
  10. Please confirm:
    My wife is employee In Central School (Rajasthan). She got an offer of appointment in Nov 09, & at that time she was in the 9th month of her pregnancy. Thus she applied that her job shold be kept in abeyance. After delivery she joined in Jan 2010. So please guide can she apply for child care leaves as the baby in just 3 months

    Email id : yournitin.03@gmail.com

  11. P. Alplanso Says:
  12. as working in Central Govt organasation and entitled for 2 tier AC i avefollwing queries
    1) can i travel by Private Airline if i want to claim my Train Fare (2 tier AC) diffrence in my LTC claim
    2) is it mendatory to travel by Govt. Airline Viz. Indian Air line or Air India.

  13. atul Says:
  14. sir can you please tell me what does government says about paternity leave
    i would be highly obliged if you could send details o n my e-mail id atulgurtu1977@rediffmail.com

  15. mathew Says:
  16. Sub : Multiple HRA deduction in case of sharing of Govt. Accommodation by family members - A gross injustice and an illogical rule. Request to amend the rule.

    Myself is working in National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped, Mumbai and my wife is a teacher in a state aided school. As I stay in staff quarters myself & wife both do not get HRA. I would like to present my views on the same-

    1. Many of the persons who draw HRA have their own house and do not incur additional expenditure for housing. Suppose there are more than one Govt. employee from the same family staying in own home (same house) then all will get HRA. This means Many HRA for one house.

    2. Govt. quarters are availed by those who can not afford to have own house in the place of duty. Suppose there are more than one Govt. employee from the same family staying in Govt. Quarter then nobody will get HRA. This means many Rents (HRA) are deducted for one house.

    3. If HRA is treated as charge for accommodation - Then deduct only one HRA as per logic. Also it may not be feasible to add up the notional HRAs ( or Basic Pay ) of more than one Government servant staying in single accommodation to provide a higher type of accommodation and to somewhat justify the multiple HRA deduction.

    4. Existing rule cripple the Government staff (staying in staff quarters) in big cities as it is almost impossible to own a private accommodation near to the place of job and with this multiple HRA deduction (if more than one family member is staying in the same quarter) it is extremely difficult.

    5. It is a serious point to think if more than one person from a family is serving the Nation (Government servant) is it required to punish them for that by deducting multiple HRA.

    A Request/Suggestion

    Deduct only one HRA, even if more than one family members share Govt. accommodation who are employees of Central Government /State Government/ Autonomous Public undertaking / Semi Government /Municipality/Port trust/Nationalised Banks/ LIC of India etc. ( as per the existing list who do not get HRA when Govt. accommodation is shared). The HRA deducted shall be based only on the Pay ( as per standard rate )of the allottee. If HRA is already being deducted by organizations other than that of allottee then deduct/reimburse the difference amount as HRA so that the total HRA deducted will be equivalent to HRA of the allottee.( give HRA to the extent of over deduction ) [ It may be difficult to implement it immediately for State Govt. & other undertakings and so this arrangement will help and subsequently all can be instructed that only one HRA to be deducted ]

    I request you to please review the matter and provide a positive solution.


  17. Anonymous Says:
  18. Sir
    I have been working in the Postal Department for more than three years.Is it possible for me to avail about 1 year long leave for my study purpose(private study).
    Kindly guide as to how i can avail leave.Or if it is not possible can i take leave for about 3 months atleast.Please guide me, it is very urgent.

  19. Anonymous Says:
  20. kindly intimate me at dazzlediary@gmail.com
    about leave.

  21. jitendra Says:
  22. Sub: Confirmation for Fixation of pay Band and Count of service period-regarding

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I, Jitendra Kumar Gupta have been selected through properly constituted Commission of KVIC (A statutory Body constituted under 1956, Parliament Act) on direct interview basis and received appointment letter for the post of Senior Scientific Officer under direct recruitment quota in the pay scale of 8000-275-13,500 (pre-revised) without indicating Group ‘A’ or ‘B’ post in advertisement.

    2. Earlier I was permanent Employee in Textiles Committee (A statutory Body constituted under 1963, Parliament Act), Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India and was working as Jr. Quality Assurance Officer from 17th April 2002 in the pay scale of 4500-175-7000/- (pre-revised). I was beneficiary of old pension scheme and my application was forwarded through proper channel.

    3. Before joining the KVIC, I rendered the technical resignation from the service of Textiles Committee. In view of the above, kindly give advice as per rule, as regard to my pay band, Grade pay and eligibility for old pension scheme included counting of my past service according sixth pay commission.

    It is therefore requested kindly reply minimum pay fixation in case, Group-A and Group-B with Grade pay of 8000-275-13,500 (pre-revised) pay scale according VI pay commission as soon as possible in the following email please.

    Thanking You,

    Sincerely Yours,

    Jitendra Kumar Gupta
    Email: jitendra0273@gmail.com

  23. Anonymous Says:
  24. I booked LTC Air ticket thro private IATA Air India agent under LTC Q and LTC 80 fare scheme. Since the order says the ticket to be booked thro authorised Air India authorised agents viz balmer lawrie,Asoka Travels,IRCTC , whether the ticket booked from this private agent is permissible for LTC reimbursement

  25. Anonymous Says:
  26. Please provide a tool to enable us calculate the reabate U/s 89 of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

  27. george Says:
  28. I am CG pharmacist having 20 yrs of service this year. During my service I have 1000 days EOL with MC.

    Am I eligible to take VRS with pension soon after 20 yrs completion of service?

  29. Anonymous Says:
  30. im a cg postal assistant. i like to know how long does the department allows to take leave without payment.can anyone help me by giving a detailed report in this site itself. i will be very thankful to them


  31. Anonymous Says:
  32. I came to know that the IPs examination has been changed with Revised Pattern which will be conducted in the month of JUNE 2011. I was reading for old pattern only with 15 years solved and unsolved question papers. Now due to new pattern i have no idea how the question paper will. Hence kindly provide some model question papers which will be helpfull all the candidates who are appearing for the IPs examination.

    Babu Srinivas.R.V
    Office Assistant, Bangalore West Division,

  33. Anonymous Says:
  34. I was on Extraordinary leave for 2 yrs .I was suppose to join on 1st of March 2011 but could't join on !st of march as i was unwell but i joined on 3rd of March.i provided a medical certificate for two days.My employer says they cannot extend any leave with extra ordinary leave.Is it i cannot avail leave commuted leave with EOL?

  35. SHEEL Says:
  36. I am giving exam of 70% of APO is there any book of railway establishment with question and answer.So please reply in my email.sbsheel194@gmail.com.

  37. Anonymous Says:
  38. If a govt employee resign on July 2006 after serving in the department for more than 16 years ,since at that time there was no option of VRS scheme ,later on in 6th CPC recomended that an employee who puts in more than 10 years are eligible for VRS and entitled for pension,is the employee entitled for pension.

  39. Hi,
    My dad needed Recruitment Rules for Assistant Director. We will be glad if you could share the same. We are not able to find it on DOPT site.
    We need it asap.

  40. Anonymous Says:
  41. If a govt. employee retires form service on attaining superannuation in the middle of academic year whose child is studying in Xth class, can he retain the office quarter till the academic year is completed and what will be the rent payment structure he should follow?

  42. shriyansh Says:
  43. I am working in an autonomous organization being governed by GOI Rules . I
    have availed Home Town LTC in Block 2006 -2009 and India tour also can I
    avail conversion of one block Home Town LTC into LTC for destination in NER
    in terms of DOPT O.M. F.No 31011/4/2007/Estt.(A) dated 2nd May 2008 &
    20thApril 2010 in the current block year 2009-12

  44. Anonymous Says:
  45. Dear Sir,
    Is there any option for govt retired who can continue living in atleast small quarter if he or she doesnt have any other shelter after retirement?

    There should be some help for senior citizens. There are many who have taken the allotment of quarters and given on rent. Instead the quarter should be given to retired and required people by rent directly.

  46. Anonymous Says:
  47. i am a nurse in cghs hospital for 5 years.can i go for heigher studies to canada,with or without pay leavea

  48. ANJU2002 Says:

  50. Anonymous Says:
  51. if a govt servant proceeded on course for ten days or more and he desires to claim ta/da whereas he is drawing risk allowance . Request clarify how it is possible that he may claim ta/da for the duration of course also specify whether he is entitle for transportation allowance while in course when he was not provided tpt

  52. Anonymous Says:
  53. Sir,
    I have appointed as security officer in EFL university Hyderabad. on 17-08-2011 through proper channel,direct selection process from AMPRI (CSIR) Bhopal. ministry of science and technology government of India working as security officer.I was working as security officer with 9300-34800 with grade pay of 4600.(from 31-0802005 to 17-08-2011)in AMPRI (csir)Bhopal. I wanted to relocate to Hyderabad.In a new appointment the experience was also asked .In the new appointment as security officer 9300-34800 with grade pay of 4200 was advertised, whereas there is no 4200 grade pay existing for security officers in any of the universities of the UGC ,all security officers are with 4600 grade pay as well as i was already drawing in my previous employer AMPRI (csir),Bhopal.my pay may be protected as security officer with grade pay of 4600. My pay may be protected and my pay may be fixed accordingly. Anybody who can give me official orders on this any document which i can satisfy the university administration in EFL university Hyderabad.
    My email address:- divakar130@yahoo.co.in

    B. Divakar
    Security Officer
    EFL University. Hyderabad.
    Mobile no. 9642758727

  54. Anonymous Says:
  55. Dear Sir,
    I have been promoted as PS in scale Rs.7500-12000 & joined on 14.06.2004. My original Date of Increment falls on August,2004 in scale Rs.6500-10500. After 6 CPC the scale has been given Rs.9300-34800 with GP Rs.4800. After completion of 4 years in GP 4800, I have been given GP 5400 with effect from the date of promotion in higher Pay band & Grade Pay i.e., 14.06.2008. I would like to place here that after my promotion to higher grade the administration has fixed as (A) Rs.7700 w.e.f. 01.08.2003 in scale Rs.6500-10500 (B) Date of next increment & rate of Pay in lower grade Rs.7900 on 01.08.2004 (C) pay fixed in scale Rs.under 1313(FR-22)(1)(a)(2) from 14.06.04 to 31.07.04 – Added one increment in the existing scale after accural of next increment in lower grade Rs.7900 + 200 = Rs.8100. (D) Pay fixed in scale Rs.7500-12000 under 1313(FR-22)(1)(a)(1) = Rs.8250 w.e.f. 01.08.2004 & Rs.8500 w.e.f. 01.08.2005, (E) Pay fixed in 6th CPC in the pay band Rs.9300-34800 & GP Rs.4800 = (i)Rs.15810 from 01.01.06(ii) Rs.16430 from 01.07.06 (iii)Rs.17070 from 01.07.07 (F) Date of promotion in higher Pay band & Grade Pay = 14.06.2008 (G) Rate of Pay in existign Pay band & GP as on date of promotion/replacement in higher scale (i) Rs.17070 in the Pay band (ii)Rs.9300-34800 (iii) Rs.4800(Grade pay) (H) Whether opted for fixation/re-fixation: YES,( I ) Date of next increment and rate of pay in existing pay band (i)Date 01.07.2006 (ii) Pay Rs.17730 (J) Pay fixed in the pay band (on promotion)Rs.___ as per 6th CPC’s guidelines (i) Pay Rs.17070 (ii) Grade Pay Rs.5400 (iii)From 14.06.2008 to 01.07.2008, (K) Pay in the existing Pay band after accrual of next increment in the Pay band (i) Rs.17730 +4800 = Rs. 22530 X 3% = Rs.18410. (L) Pay fixed in the pay band Rs.9300-34800 with Grade pay Rs.5400 (i) Rs.18410 w.e.f.01.07.2008 (ii) Rs.19130 w.e.f. 01.07.2009.
    I would therefore, request kindly let me know whether the undersigned would be eligible for one increment in terms of Ministry of Finance Memorandum No.10/02/2011-E.III/A dtd.19th March,2012 & Ministry of Railways No.S.No.PC-VI/2801( RBF no.40/2012) No.PC-VI/2012/RSRP/1 of 23.03.2012. Your judicious decision & expert opinion in this connexion is solicited early please.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,

    (P. Roy)

  56. Sir,
    We, the instructor in computer science (41 post)were recurited in december 2010 through proper recuritment call through employment office of puducherry by the directorate of education. The recuritment process involved 3 hours multichice test, followed by the pratical test and interview for the shortlisted candidates. then based on the merit list 41 candidates were appointed in contract basis for consolidated salary of 8,500.Rs.
    like as TGT,Libarian, Fine art teachers were also appointed. Now govt. of puducherry make the other teachers in our category as regular employees. but for us, they refuse because the post are not created.
    for the past one year, we get the same reply from the govt. of puducherry. the post creation file is in MHRD
    Sir, Kindly can u tell what we shall do. and can you update the status of the post creation file to us
    waiting for your help
    thank you

  57. Sir,
    sorry. yesterday we didin't specify any mode of communication. kindly reply in marycristheen@gmail.com

  58. sivagami Says:
  59. Sir,
    I am a central govt. servant my husband is state govt. school teacher. He does not have the facility of LTC. So, I am availing LTC for my husband and two children. I have my mother-in-law solely dependent on me around 60 years. LTC was admitted to her all these years. Suddenly now my dept. says my mother-in-law is not eligible for LTC and they have recovered all the LTC advance amount of my in-law so far given. When She is entitled for medical facilities why not LTC. My father-in-law is no more and he was doing only agriculture before death. I have not included my parents in my LTC. pl. clarify whether my dependent in-law is eligible for LTC or not?

  60. babu Says:
  61. I am working in sports ministry. During my 2 years probation period.... there were no memo or warning issued regarding my work performance. After completion of 2 years probation period , administration extended my probation period for again 6 months, without mentioning any reason for extension, they gave me the extension letter(IN THIS 6 MONTHS ALSO THER IS NO MEMO OR WARNING LETTER REGARDING MY PERFORMANCE). Again after 6 months they extended my probation for further 3 months, but in this time they mentioned that my performance is average. (A PERSON WITH SAME QUALIFICATION & FOR SAME POST HAS BEEN APPOINTED ON SAME DAY WITH ME WAS CONFIRMED AFTER 2 YEARS OF PROBATION) Now what can i do. Please some senior can advice me.

  62. babu Says:
  63. I am working in sports ministry. During my 2 years probation period.... there were no memo or warning issued regarding my work performance. After completion of 2 years probation period , administration extended my probation period for again 6 months, without mentioning any reason for extension, they gave me the extension letter(IN THIS 6 MONTHS ALSO THER IS NO MEMO OR WARNING LETTER REGARDING MY PERFORMANCE). Again after 6 months they extended my probation for further 3 months, but in this time they mentioned that my performance is average. (A PERSON WITH SAME QUALIFICATION & FOR SAME POST HAS BEEN APPOINTED ON SAME DAY WITH ME WAS CONFIRMED AFTER 2 YEARS OF PROBATION) Now what can i do. Please some senior can advice me. my e mail id surendra.audio@gmail.com

  64. Anonymous Says:
  65. due to merger of promotional posts & Recruitment Rules are going framed from its merger i.e. from 2011 we are deprived from the promotion, due to delay in framing RR, what is solution for that? could we claim ad-hoc promotion ? or go to CAT ? plz guide.
    email id-mukesh_gondane@rediffmail.com

  66. Anonymous Says:
  67. Dear Sir,
    I being a regular viewer of this site has noticed that, most of the posts and information are very old and useless, which effecting the dignity of the site,
    As such, my humble submission, please remove all such old and useless materials immediately from the site and refresh it.


    Sincerely yours
    Bimal Kanti Dutta

  68. firosabd Says:
  69. I am Ms. Seema Khanum. I am working as technical assistant in Rajiv Gandhi central university in Dept.of computer science and Engineering, Itanagar since last two years . I have completed my probation on 2nd February 2014.
    I joined the service on 2nd February 2012. Before joining the service , I was doing my Mtech (computer science and Engineering ) from the same Dept.of computer science and Engineering, Rajiv Gandhi central university. But I could able to finish only 2 semesters to as I got employment in this time. I asked permission to complete my education in that time, but the authorities rejected it citing reason that, I cannot do a regular full time course on probation.

    Now, I completed my probation period and applied for leave for completing my education. But now, again the authorities rejected my plea , citing the reason that , since i have not completed three years of service I cannot permitted for study leave.

    sir, I need to only 6 months regular full time course to do ( 3rd semester , in that working days will be hardly 45 days) and the remaining 4th semester will be Project time( no need to attend regular class)

    sir, in this situation
    1. what kind of leave will be suitable for completing my education
    2. I have 30 days EL , 20 days HPL in my credit. is it possible to do studies on EL ,HPL or CL?
    3. is it possible to take extra ordinary leave for completing my education?
    4. is there any option of leave without allowance or leave without salary given by Kerala state government for central government employees.

    as per the univeristy rule, we need to finish Mtech within 5 years. please tell me solution to complete my education

  70. Anonymous Says:
  71. sir can u arrange me the source code of pension calculator...
    i will be very great full rto u .
    my id is " hacking.down01@gmail.com "


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